Parking enforcement officers with the City of Spokane placed the first boot on a vehicle on Tuesday under a new policy. 

City leaders initially discussed the new policy in December 2013. They decided to boot vehicles if the driver had four or more unpaid parking tickets.

The city says the number of unpaid parking tickets in Spokane has been adding up.

According to city workers, more than 76,000 parking citations have been issued in the last decade.

For years, the city offered a 60-day amnesty program to let people pay off their tickets.

City officials said they are now taking another step toward collecting all that money.

"It's not our intention to be heavy handed about this, there's been ample time for people to take care of their citations," one city worker said. 

The first boot of 2014 was placed on a white SUV on Tuesday in Downtown Spokane. A warning was also slapped onto one of the SUV’s windows. Parking enforcement officers said the driver of the SUV has about one dozen unpaid parking tickets. 

City leaders said the owner of that SUV paid more $4,000 to get it removed Wednesday. 

City leaders said the boot placed on the SUV is one of ten that parking officers will be using. Officers will also use license plate reading technology to flag them of vehicles violating the four ticket policy.

City workers say that once the boot is attached, drivers will have 48 hours to pay off all of their fines or their car will be towed.