Record Store Day is this Saturday, April 20th!

It is a joyous day for all vinyl collectors and fans! Each year the Record Store Day committee appoints a person in charge, this year it’s Jack White of The White Stripes & Third Man Records to put together a bunch of limited edition vinyl – all released just on Record Store Day.

None of the records can be sold by retailers online, in other words you actually have to get up and go to a record store – which is awesome!

We are lucky enough to have a few record stores in the area which I have listed below.

One of the best parts about Record Store Day is that you never know which records will actually end up in your town. You see… not every store gets every record (most are limited and only printed in small quantity) that is on the 2013 release list – which can be viewed here.

So it’s pretty much like Christmas. Of course we hope that we can find at least a few records of our wish list but you never know!

So grab you music loving friends and get to a record store this Saturday for Record Store Day!

4,000 Holes | 1610 North Monroe Street - Spokane, WA | (509) 325-1914

Recorded Memories | 1902 North Hamilton Street - Spokane, WA | (509) 483-4753

The Bachelor Pad | 2810 N Monroe - Spokane, WA | (509) 326 4842

The Long Ear | 2405 North 4th Street - Coeur d'Alene, ID | (208) 765-3472