Spokane Bike Swap

Easter Egg Hunt in Riverfront Park

Lollapalooza Lineup Announced!

Jurassic Carpark

Exploding Bait Purse Prank

How To Look Busy At Work!

Guy In Bear Costume Scares Coworker

First Ghostbusters Trailer Is Here


I grew up an hour south of Chicago, and spent most of my time there. Discovered at a pretty young age that I talked a lot, so I thought…why not make a living out of it. Went to school in the city, and spent time in Los Angeles, came back to Chicago for a little bit, and then spent some time in Missouri. And now I’m here! Although, it’s not my first time out west, it is my first time In the PNW, and it’s quite awesome.

When I’m not in a studio, playing music, or messing with sound…I enjoy being outside. Hiking, fishing, camping, softball, hockey, etc! Also, quite a big fan of The Netflix, I can watch every episode of Cheers. Seriously what else does a guy need?


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