Local Lounge

Jus Wright

Flannel Math Animal

The Holy Broke

Tanner Azzinnaro

B Radicals

Peter Rivera

Anthony Hall

The Static Tones

Local Lounge

The Local Lounge is the long-running local artist of 103.1 KCDA, airing every Sunday at 11 pm. We feature local, unsigned musicians who are making waves in the Spokane/Coeur d'Alene music scene: each artist drops by our studio for a half-hour program, with interview segments, album tracks, and live-in-the-studio performances. The Local Lounge is open to indie, pop, rock, folk, Americana, soul, blues, funk, pop punk, pop jazz, reggae, and anything else that sounds good to our ears. Be prepared for tons of local talent, a diverse array of musical styles, high production values, and a focus on the musicians and their craft. Matt Loi has been the host and producer since mid-2007, and being a musician and EWU music major himself, he loves his job!


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