Hannah Reader's music defies any notion of "genre."  It's far more fair to imagine an amalgam of epic classical piano work, including the romantic, impressionist, and even minimalist styles, blended with a modern artistic sensibility.  Add in deeply personal lyrics rendered in profound metaphors and symbols, sung in an angelic voice, and perhaps one might begin to get an idea.  Better yet, just listen...and watch, as her fingers gracefully fly across all 88 keys, with frequent hand crossing and a wide dynamic range.

Hannah is an artist in the visual media as well, whose paintings and sculptures were featured recently at the Terrain Northwest Art Exhibit 2010, a melting pot of sound and sight in downtown Spokane.  She brought her keyboard and some home-made recordings to the Local Lounge recently to showcase 5 songs, one of which topped out at eleven minutes.  She's not a follower of convention, but not a rebel, either, just a free spirit doing things her way.

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Here is Hannah's entire Local Lounge show as high-quality streaming audio:

LISTEN to Part 1 (29:43)
including "Transference" (CD), "Hnau" (live), and "In The Meantime" (CD)

LISTEN to Part 2 (22:09)
including "The Man with the Blue Fiery Hands" (live)
and "You Will Always Be in my Belly" (CD)

airdate: Sunday, November 7th, 2010 at 10 pm PST


Hannah also stuck around after the show to record an exclusive, web-only rendition of a song written and made popular by Chris Isaak:

LISTEN to "Wicked Game" (3:20)



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Here is a video of Hannah's song "The Man with the Blue Fiery Hands" live in the Local Lounge:

To see Hannah live, albeit in a different musical setting, watch her perform with a drummer at The A Club (formerly The Casbah: 416 W Sprague Ave) on Thursday, November 18th starting at 9pm.

Find Hannah Reader on MySpace or check out her blog.

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