Quarter Monkey came into being about four years ago.  You can catch these Spokane natives performing to their loyal fans at local bars such as The Swamp.  With a fusion of classic rock, '90s alt rock, and chill reggae, these guys know how to keep the party going well past midnight.  Jereme and Ty share equal duties on guitar and vocals.  Tony grooves on bass with occasional backing vocals, while Shane looms over his imposing double-kick/five-tom drum set.  As they make plans to record another disc locally at Amplified Wax, Quarter Monkey brought their 2008 CD "Lucy" to the Local Lounge this Father's Day along with their full set-up for several unrecorded live songs.


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Here is their entire Local Lounge show as high-quality streaming audio:

LISTEN to Part 1 (9:49)
including "Steady Livin'" (CD) and "Swing" (live)

LISTEN to Part 2 (11:46)
including "Fly On" (CD) and "Hothead" (live)

LISTEN to Part 3 (9:43)
including "Royal Jam" (CD) and "Burn With You" (live)

LISTEN to Part 4 (12:38)
including "Pins & Needles" (CD) and "Dead Guy" (live)

airdate: Sunday, June 19th, 2011 at 10 pm PDT

To listen to the streaming audio or view the video, all you need is Adobe Flash Player...and make sure you allow pop-ups on this page.

Here's a video of Quarter Monkey performing their song "Burn With You" live in the Local Lounge:


See Quarter Monkey perform live at the Garland Street Fair on August 13th.

Find Quarter Monkey at their official website, Facebook, MySpace, and CDBaby.

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