A few weeks ago I decided to do a first in the seven-plus years that I've produced the Local Lounge: shine a spotlight on the female musicians of Spokane.  In order to fill the program, I certainly didn't have to dig back too far in my archive to find enough local women who are still active musicians in our area.  In fact, I quickly realized there are at least two programs worth of such artists, all of whom sound amazing, plus some that I plan to feature on my show soon enough!  So, this Sunday at 10 pm, you'll hear (some more of) the Women of Spokane on the 103.1 KCDA Local Lounge.
Top row, left to right: Karrie O'Neill, Nicole Lewis, Pamela Benton, and Madeline McNeill
Middle: Mama Doll, with Claire Fieberg, Sarah Berentson, Austen Case, and Jen Landis
Lower row: Amy Shaver, Kari Marguerite, and Liz Rognes
All photos by Matt Loi.  Find plenty of live local artist photos from Matt's phone here.
Hear the Women of Spokane on the 103.1 KCDA Local Lounge at 10 pm PDT on Sunday, June 29th AND July 6th, 2014.  Tune your radio to 103.1 FM in the Spokane/Post Falls/Coeur d'Alene area or listen live to the on-line audio stream.  You can also hear the live broadcast on your iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, Android, or Blackberry with the iHeartRadio app.


Here is the entire Local Lounge show as high-quality streaming audio:

 LISTEN to the 30-minute broadcast

Including these original songs:

  1. Mama Doll: "Rumors" (from their forthcoming album As the Crow Flies)
  2. Liz Rognes: "Mama Said" (from her album Topographies)
  3. Kari Marguerite: "Lucy's Song" (live in the Local Lounge)
  4. Amy Shaver: "Start Over" (live in the Local Lounge)
  5. Pamela Benton: "Under the Sun" (live in the Local Lounge)
  6. Karrie O'Neill: "Devour Me" (live in the Local Lounge)
  7. Madeline McNeill: "For Your Love" (live in the Local Lounge)
  8. Nicole Lewis: "Hurricane" (from her album My Kind of Paradise)

original airdate: Sunday, June 29th, 2014 at 10 pm PDT.


To listen to the streaming audio, you will need Adobe Flash Player.  You may need to allow pop-ups on this page, as the media player will open in a new window.

See these women perform live around Spokane:
  • Friday, July 11th, 7-9pm: Madeline McNeill at The Shop
  • Saturday, July 12th, 9pm: Mama Doll at nYne bar & Bistro, a fundraiser for their album
  • Sunday, July 13th, 7-8pm: Nicole Lewis (full electric band) at Latah Valley Concert Under the Pines
  • Friday, July 18th, 7-9pm: Nicole Lewis (acoustic trio) at Grande Ronde Cellars 
  • Friday, July 18th, 7-9pm: Madeline McNeill at Iron Goat
  • Wednesday, July 20th, 6-8 pm: Liz Rognes at the Fountain Cafe in Riverfront Park
  • Tuesday, July 22nd, 7:30-9:30pm: Nicole Lewis (full band acoustic) at Rocket Market (South Hill)
  • Wednesday, July 25th, 5pm: Nicole Lewis at Hot Summer Nights “One For the Ages” – opening for Rare Earth’s Peter Rivera
  • Thursday, July 24th, 5-7pm: Karrie O'Neill at Arbor Crest
  • Saturday, July 26th, 5pm: Karrie O'Neill
  • Thursday, August 7th, 4-7pm: Liz Rognes at the South Perry Market
  • Thursday, August 28th: Kari Marguerite at the Browne's Addition Concert Series
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