Are you suffering from Par*ent*ing?

Being a wife and mother to two + some, I totally get this. This is so relatable. 

Today, for example- consisted of dragging two kids from bed, making sure they eat breakfast, checking to make sure they wore clean clothes and had packed their lunches as well as remembering to take wet clothes into the dryer before leaving for work and brushing my wet hair outside my daughters' school after drop off. Work, work, work and all the 'fun' that it entails. After work; I made dinner for my littlest (oldest had a basketball game), dropped her off at my mothers' so I could go to Bootcamp. On my way home, I stopped at the store to get nighttime cold medicine (so she will pass out) because my littlest is getting sick, dishwashing detergent, apples, band-aids, and conditioner. I forgot Milk! When we got home I gave my daughter a Vicks bath and tried the trending cold remedy of putting potatoes on the bottom of her feet to draw out the toxins (results will require another blog post, we would have tried onions if I had some!). She thought I was just plain ol' crazy and said: "you know you can't trust everything you hear on the internet". Once she was tucked in, I was called back to her room about 6 times for numerous things (this is normal), 2 of which were hugs, a reminder about her Valentines Day cards, and one demand that I tickle her until she falls asleep. I negotiated a tv show in exchange for tickles so I could shower (I stunk) in the hopes that she would fall sleep because of the cold meds. Initially, my plan worked well until the dogs barked with my husband and older daughter arrived home. BTW, my older daughter is incredibly loud at everything she does, arrived home. I made sure she showered, found missing clothes in the laundry room, started a load of laundry, packed lunches and realized I never ate dinner!! This was 10:30 pm! I ate a tuna fish sandwich and finally sat down bills! Yes, let me please sit down so I can watch all my hard earned money go bye bye. Anyway, I am so tired of typing and complaining...but that wasn't it the end of the night. PS. I love being a Mommy & Wife but damn it is hard work! 

HAHA - let's just say that I need an AphukenbrakE