Angela's list of really cool stuff! 2/3

Elastic Wrist Bracelet: Do you suffer from elastic wrist syndrome? I do, in fact when I found this product I had the indentation on my wrist! WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THIS! I need this! SHOP!

OMG, This! I am an artist - so I am always sketching and taking notes. My marketing job has me keeping a long list of to-dos. I got through a lot of notebooks and I have to keep them all just in case I need to go back for something. I want this for my birthday! 

These are all cool! 

Air Selfie: Yes! Also, add this to my list. The portable flying camera integrated into your phone camera case! Not available yet but you can help make it happen with their Kickstarter.

Electro Bike: I would use this. My whole family would use this! Summertime rides to work - YES!! Also with a Kickstarter.

Ellie: I don't think I have a daily use for this, but when my little ones with babes - this would have been a must-have.I can think of a few friends I could gift this to. Technology is great, huh? More details here.

Golchi: ADD THIS TO MY LIST - for sure! I love protein after a workout but cannot stand it with water, I must have it with milk. Always leaves me struggling with how to keep it cold if I go to the gym right after work. Also, I hate carrying around baggies of white powder- not a good look when it falls out your purse at the store. HAHA. I drink coffee and love cold water. Interchangeable pieces, options for color, hot & cold PLUS they put a Boston Terrier in their video - SOLD! This is so for me! Also on Kickstarter!

Computer Glasses: I am going to search for the best of the best for these. I am a screen junkie. Most part of the day I am behind a screen. I am a designer so I need to look at details on the screen, I write tons of emails for my marketing position and in the studio doing show prep and executing my air shift- all on the computer. I am constantly suffering from eye strain, blurry vision and have been concerned that I could be going blind. HAHA! I am going to get a pair of these no matter what! 

Grocery Bag Handles: This made me laugh because I wondered how I didn't think about creating these. This is a life saver, saving so much time and energy loading groceries and other items from the truck to the house. 

It's flu season people! This is not fashionable but sounds effective. You can see his pitch on one of my favorite shows - Shark Tank - below.

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