TRENDING: Daycare accused of waxing kids' eyebrows

PASCO, Wash. -

The two moms of the kids whose eyebrows were waxed by their daycare officially filed a police report today with the Pasco Police Department.

The daycare - a non-profit organization at Columbia Basin College - is licensed by the Washington State Department of Early Learning. The center has been licensed for less than a year, and has had no complaints filed against them...until this one.

Our sister station KNDU spoke with one of the mothers, Glenda Maria Cruz, who says she's been taking her son there since he was three months old, and something like this has never happened before.

"I actually checked in with some moms that I know and I told them to check your sons and they said nothing," Cruz said. "Just my son and her daughter are the only ones." 

The employees at the center are trained professionals who have basic health and safety training and are mandatory reporters, which means if they suspect a child being abused or neglected, they are required by law to report it.

The Boys & Girls Club of Benton and Franklin Counties as well as the licensing agency are currently investigating these complaints.

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