LOOKING FOR LOVE: new dating apps now available!

Dating -a topic I don't have much experience in. My husband and I have been in love since 98. We had AOL- instant messenger but that was about it as far as technology goes. We didn't both have cell phones when we met, he had a pager. HAHA!  SO, I have never even texted in the process of planning a date, or for interaction with a potential future love etc. I have never myspace or facebook dated, have never received an unexpected body part on my messenger or dealt with trying to make choices of who or who not to date because of their political posts, linked friends or followers or swiped right or left. I am in the dark when it comes to personally going through any of it. I do, have friends who use dating apps in the search to find the love of their lives. 

I have heard the grips of my friends who use apps like Tender, Plenty of Fish & even paid services like Match and they feel that they are still not meeting the right one, or even a good enough one (if they could choose to settle some). If navigating dating in the social landscape has you in a rut, here is a list of new apps available on Google Play or the App Store. 


HAPPN - You pass the most magnificent man (or woman) you have ever seen at the tire shop, you think he's the one for you but your dressed as a slob, you're in a super hurry or your just too shy to say -"hey there sexy, let's grab some coffee before work tomorrow!" Don't let those possible once in a lifetime moments pass with the HAPPN app. HAPPN steps in to fix those missed connections. The app shows you, potential future dates that you have crossed paths with and will even tell you how many times you've missed them. Since it's paying attention to where you go - you may have many things in common, local watering holes, grocery stores (everyone eats), the dog park or bookstore. There is a good chance you could have a lot in common if you're a match on HAPPN. 


WINGMAN - This app allows your BFF, sister, mom or co-workers create a profile for you and help with the matchmaking! It's like having that one friend who'll go up to the guys you like at the bar, restaurant, coffee shop and introduce you.


VOUCH - This app allows your friends, family, whoever you want -  to vouch for you in the dating world. You create your own profile then swipe the ones you are interested in. You make a match when two singles and at least one voucher swipe right. You can have more than one voucher to help you navigate this dark, cold and lonely(so I heard) dating world.


SWEATT - Want to meet someone to workout and "workout" with? Need someone to support your fitness habit and love the workout as much as you? Maybe they follow a similar diet, have simiar goals and enjoy the same type of training? This app lets you find a workout partner and a partner in life. It will also help you set up workout dates instead of traditional ones.


TAWKIFY - It's more than a dating app, more like an "online dating concierge". Wouldn't you just love to have your own matchmaker? Did you ever watch the show Millionare Matchmaker? It's kinda like that but without the millions and without them putting you on dream dates on planes....well I guess that's possible! With Tawkify, your matchmaker hand picks options and figures out the logistics of the dates. Be ready to pay tho, the app costs between $99 and $6000 a year depending on your bank account and how badly you want to meet Mr. Right. 


TASTEBUDS- Is music your life? Do you have so many favorite songs, can you talk music for hours and have tons of artists on your concert bucket list to see? Tastebuds could be the dating app for you. This app allows you to make matches with possible future loves based on music preferences. Just like the iHeartRadio app you can 'like' a match or 'skip' to the next one. You can even send songs to your matches. Making music the connection from the beginning could lead to similar likes in other areas and possible great date ideas.


FIRST - You've got the perfect date idea but no one to join? This is that app for you! You can create a profile and plan the date down to the details. Potential matches now have the option to submit to join you on your really cool date. If you accept their submission, the app confirms that you both are still committed to the date and hopefully you both show up for the date. You cannot message on the app, also you will be banned from the app if you no-show (twice). So look your best, be on time and love not having to make small talk for weeks to make an actual date happen.


BRACKET - Just imagine March Madness vs. dating! Create a profile and pick your preferences such as age, proximity & gender. The Bracket app will give you 16 matches for you that you will play virtually through a series of questions that will leave you with one lucky "winner" each day. Who in the ends you will be able to message. It's a unique way to break the ice and much better then weeding through your tender inbox.

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