TRENDING: Fall Fashion Trends

NY Fashion week always tells us what is in the for the year. Here is a look at the highlights of some of the new trends coming out way soon. Knowing Spokane it will start to show up in stores in 2020. :) 


We all have a favorite pair of jeans and face it, they will never go out of style.2018/2019 will showcase a varied level of denim, everything from skirts to dresses to overcoats also showing up, even acid washed! Yup, that is coming back!

It even looks like you can rock different pieces of denim at the same time, which was- if anyone can remember a photo fo-pa! Miss matched denim had me laughed at in 9th grade. 


I kinda dig the element of a little finge on my jackets, purse etc. How do you feel about fringe off the back of heals, evening gowns or fanny packs? That what the NY Fashion show highlighted.


Being a strawberry blonde, it's not really my color but I will say it brings out my eyes. I love a nice mustard from time to time, but I think they really mean a bright and vibrant yellow.


We are all recovering hippys, right? I have been known to be a free bird but since settling down in life I had tossed my tye dyed digs. The cool thing about tye dye is it is normally unique and many top designers are stepping up offering up options! 

Bike shorts

Uh-oh, not bike shorts. I think I wore a pair (various of course, and clean) every day my 6th-grade year. I remember my favorite pair. Black with a large stripe of fluorescent pink on both sides. This year at Fashion Week showcased with blazers and under skirts. Athleisure folks might just jump on this. I see squats in my future!!

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