2019 Swimsuit Trends!!

2019 Swimsuit Trends

Yes, I am fully aware that Spring has just sprung. We are pale and maybe still too out of shape to even imagine trying on a new swimsuit let alone a few trend and strays away from our standard style. This is the best time to shop tho. Every store has many prints, color and styles to choose from plus in every size too. I consider it a daunting task to get fully undressed to try each possible suit on but if you start early, apply some self tanner and get dolled up before heading out you may land yourself a look that gives you a confidence boost at the beach or pool this summer.


Straight out of the 80's! This look will elongate the legs and show off those hips.

Animal Print

Zebra, Tigers, Cheetah, Snakeskin OH MY! Animal prints are sticking around another year. Prints can help to add some color to your style and could bring out the animal in you this summer ;)

Underwire Tops

For someone who is kinda lacking in the cup department this style is essential to making is seem I have something. I am excited to know there will be more options in stores this year.


I used the exclamation point for you. Since I am pale and lack the ability to have any thing that resembles a tan, yellow isn't my color. MAYBE Mustard...but would love if for you. It's in and if you can do it...rock it!


Embroidery adds detail and a fun element to any style! Depending on the style, the look could be classy or vintage hippy. Both looks work in 2019. Being an old soul myself - Me likey!

Belted Swimwear

Only there for looks obviously, because it isn't holding anything (or shouldn't anyway)! It's a great way to add some attention to the waistline that you have spent all winter defining.


Define the sexy beach look with texture and shine!

Sun Protection

Skin cancer is real and as you have seen lately in the news not all SPF is created equal. Unfortunately, we must think about our skin when we spend hours in the sun. I love that this style of suit/stop are trending this year in hopes that I can find more stylish and sexier options. If you don't chose this style always bring along a cover up or dress to keep you hidden if you can't easily get to shade.

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