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Shock Collar Question - September 23

Medic shows in the hands of the brain.

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We received a text to 78592 at the end of the show yesterday... that says: "My ONE request this week… is to ask Alexis to PLEASE... Stop singing… Stop doing impressions… and definitely Stop the combo of both of those.

Because if you missed it, over the last 2 days... she has been PUNISHED for the Shock Collar Question of the Day….  Yesterday, she attempted to sing in a Yoda voice… Before that, she tried her best BRITISH ACCENT for a Harry Potter reenact

And as you heard from the TEXT…. Alexis, you’re turning off listeners.

Thats why TODAY... I’m declaring…. Alexis, you are SAFE… Because NO ONE wants to hear you. 

Instead we’ll be doing a special GRAB BAG EDITION of Clocker Shocker!

Whoever gets Picked for the punishment today.... Will have to do a 10 second Impression of a famous character (that we will choose) 




SHAGGY (from Scooby Doo)



AND… YODA again… if you choose.

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