Dillon Hueser, Owner of Side Hustle Syrups

Meet Dillon Hueser, Owner of Side Hustle Syrups.

Originally from Alaska, Dillon Hueser spent most of his maturing life in Spokane, Washington. He attended 2nd through 12th grade in Spokane, then spent a couple of years at Spokane Community College, never completing his degree. Out of high school he worked at a friend's family business until he picked up the hobby of homebrewing, and then was hired at a local brewery. Through this employment, he became friends with the owners and employees at Dry Fly Distilling. This is how his journey began in starting a business. It was during the launch of Dry Fly Distilling's Tasting Room that he was approached by the bar manager, requesting him to create an in-house ginger beer for their cocktails. He accepted the challenge, using his experience and equipment from brewing to dial in a recipe. It was a great success creating a ginger beer from natural ingredients. From there, the ginger beer evolved into a syrup for ease of transportation and use, then he began to dabble with other flavors. This is how Side Hustle Syrups began. These days, he spends part of his time distilling for Dry Fly learning the art, and the other making and selling product. That's where he got the name from, since it is his literal "Side Hustle". He enjoys the challenge of building a business from scratch.

Side Hustle Syrups

Side Hustle Syrups

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