Rachel Dolezal is getting a Netflix Documentary

Spokane's own Rachel Dolezal has had an interesting road to say the least. Since 2015, when she resigned as head of the Spokane Chapter NAACP after it was revealed she was indeed Caucasian, Dolezal has gone on to claim she identifies as black, written her own book, and now finds herself as the subject of a new Netflix documentary The Rachel Divide.

Netflix posted the first clip to their YouTube page where her son is seen scolding her and describing how the situation has affected him and his brother.

I'll be honest that her entire thread has always been laughably absurd, but this certainly does make me feel for the kids. They did not ask for this nor any of the repercussions. 

I don't know if this documentary will help explain their side more or if it will simply continue to stretch out this strange ordeal that has become what appears to be a constant presence in their lives.

I guess we can all find out when it premiere's April 27th.

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