You Can Now Name Guy Fieri's Hair, For Love

Finally, a gift truly worthy of the love you feel for that special someone in your life. Guy Fieri's Hair!

People have for years been paying to name stars in the sky for their significant others, but now you can claim your plot in a much more practical space thanks to Fieri's Follicles.

For the low low price of just $10 you can let your love stand forever, or at least until the next shave, with a hair located in Guy's goatee.

If you'd like to upgrade your love, $15 will earn you a perfectly groomed mustache hair. This package says I love you BECAUSE you are different. Just as Guy's mustache is a completely different color than the rest of his hair.

And finally if you want to show them your love reaches heights unimaginable, and has incredibly strong if not often discolored roots, a hair atop Guy's head is available for a mere $20!

The guys over at Fieri's Follicles admit to having no affiliation with the actual Guy Fieri, but do donate a portion of the proceeds to Guy's charity Cooking With Kids.

All packages also include two completely fictitious tickets to Flavortown! In case that pushes you over the edge.

- CJ

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