Scarywood 2018

The Halloween season is coming to an end, but 2018 was a fun one for me as I not only made it out to Scarywood but into the haunts as well.

Anyone who knows me is aware I don't like being scared. I've never really understood why people would. It's a very specific feeling intended to tell you, "This sucks! Please get me away from said thing or area."

Because of that I've sort of made it a point to avoid scary movies, haunted houses, etc. But! This year I figured if I was gonna do Scarywood I would do it right and not simply be content with the backwards roller coaster. I went in all the haunts with the exception of Total Darkness which I was warned had some claustrophobic inducing areas (No Thanks!). 

To be honest I actually had a blast! There were some moments where I was regretting my decision, but having someone along with me that screamed just as much certainly made the night entertaining. My favorite by far was Blood Bayou! 

I even recorded some of our night and here's the best screams where they really got us good! Listen below

Scarywood Montage

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