Vote For Macaulay Culkin's New Middle Name

Any top 5 Christmas movie list that doesn't include Home Alone is simply incomplete, and thankfully Macaulay Culkin even 28 years later doesn't seem to despise his iconic role as Kevin McCallister He even opened up on The Tonight Show that he may have indulged in watching the film with a new girlfriend. 

During the interview he also admitted to not loving his current middle name saying, ""I was staring at my passport recently and stuff, and I was looking over my middle name – my current middle name is Carson, and I thought I should probably spruce up my name a little bit."

So with that in mind Culkin decided to turn over the fate of his middle name to the internet. He currently has a poll open on his website featuring 5 names you can vote on through Christmas Eve. Culkin says whichever comes out on top come Christmas morning will become his new legal middle name.

The five options are:

Macaulay Culkin - Meaning his new name would be Macaulay Macaulay Culkin Culkin

Shark Week



Publicity Stunt

McCaulay Culkin is currently the strong frontrunner, but you can cast your vote here.

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