The Latest On Dr. Bob Lutz, Spokane Regional Health District

Dr. Bob Lutz claims the Spokane Regional Health District have "inaccurate and misleading" information about his recent termination.

In a statement Dr. Lutz says:

“I understand from media reports that a SRHD Board meeting will be scheduled to address the status of my employment, although I have not been personally advised of such. I intended to await that meeting before commenting further, as I wanted to address the issues directly with the Board. However, recent statements from the SRHD contained inaccurate and misleading information concerning my separation from employment that need to be clarified. To be clear, Amelia Clark fired me last Thursday. She told me in a meeting late Thursday afternoon that I was terminated ‘effective immediately,’ requested my SRHD identification, keys, cell phone and laptop, and told me I could contact HR to retrieve my personal items. She also provided me with a written severance offer, stating that I had until the next day (Friday) at 4:00 p.m. to resign and sign the agreement. The offer of severance required me to waive my claims against the SRHD in exchange for 3-months pay, and a confidentiality agreement preventing me from disclosing the settlement terms. I refused to accept SRHD’s severance offer, as I do not think Ms. Clark’s actions were justified or lawful. As things stand, I was told I was fired and have been denied access to my office, phone, files, records and my computer since last Thursday. I do not know who is currently acting as the SRHD’s public health officer.”

Late last week SRHD's administrative officer, Amelia Clark, asked Dr. Lutz to step down and resign. The decision was met with public backlash. Demonstrators gathered outside the Spokane Reginonal Health District building to protest.

The Health Board has not yet scheduled a meeting to vote on Lutz’s termination, though Clark has pointed to Dr. Mary Bergum to serve as interim health officer.

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