Mom Of The Year! Passive aggressive lunch bags.

How satisfying to read.

Getting kids out the door for school in the morning is enough to drive any parent crazy. But Whitney Cicero, who has a 14-year-old daughter and 12-year-old son, has found a unique way to relieve the stress brought on by the morning rush using a paper lunch bag and a marker.

Cicero, who blogs and creates videos at The New Stepford, recently began writing what she calls "passive aggressive lunch bags" for her kids after her own internal dialogue seemed too funny not to share.

Cicero began creating funny "passive aggressive lunch bags" as a way to joke with her 14 and 12 year old kids.Whitney Cicero

"Fortnite is not a career choice," reads one lunch bag.

"Just pretend it's Chipotle," says another.

Cicero says her teenage daughter encouraged her to share photos of the bags on Instagram after her high school classmates began asking to see her lunch bag every day. Since then, the Southern California mom has started selling the bags to followers on her Facebook page and website, even offering to personalize the notes if buyers tell her a bit about their own children.

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