Tired of short shorts & tight tops- New Clothing line for girls!

 Shopping is difficult when you have kids, especially girls in the summer! Not only are they picky, but retailers often only carry short shirts and dresses, skimpy tanks or a bunch of shirts with sparkles that say LOL or drama queen. My girls aren't interested and neither am I. I am raising little athletes that don't want tight fitted skinny jeans, or dresses with bows and sparkles. We aren't a sparkles family. We don't like glitter either. 

Kudos to Sharon Choksi! She recently created a brand aimed at making sure girls could find shorts featuring an  “in-the-middle” fit in a range of colors, with options beyond princesses  and glitter, which showcase their interests and not their bodies. Cheers to you! 

Read about her research on ScaryMommy.com

Shop girlswillbe.com

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