Tacoma dad peeling oranges for his graduating daughter since kindergarten leaves the best note in her lunch

TACOMA, Wash. -

An 18-year-old Tacoma girl's tweet about the sweet note her dad left in her lunch on her last day of high school has been retweeted nearly 100,000 times as of Friday morning. 

Meg Sullivan says her dad, Tom, has been making her lunches for school since she was in kindergarten. Those lunches included oranges. Oranges that Tom peeled for Meg, even though she was more than capable of peeling her own oranges. 

Meg told Buzzfeed her family last year started making jokes about her dad still peeling the oranges for her, even though she was 17. Her dad kept peeling the oranges. 

However, this week, on Meg's last day of high school, she pulled out her lunch and found two unpeeled oranges and a printout from Wikihow. The printout was instructions on "How to Peel An Orange" with a handwritten note that said "It's time baby girl," with a sad crying face. 

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My dad has been peeling oranges for my lunch since kindergarten & on my last day of high school I got this instead

1:00 PM - 31 May 2017

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"I thought it was just going to be a letter saying 'Happy last day of school!' or something, so when I opened it I couldn't help but smile," Meg told Buzzfeed.

Her dad later asked her if she had figured out how to peel them. She told him "with the help of the directions, of course." 

Score one for Tom being an awesome dad! Congrats on graduating, Meg! It sounds like you're well on your way to being prepared for life thanks to your great dad! 

Story and photos from KHQ.com

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