Hello, I am Angela and I am pasty!

Hello, My name is Angela and I am pasty, pale and white- call it what you want. I do not tan, I do not try anymore. I am pale, I stay pale or I turn red. Those are all my options. 

As a kid my mom would slather me in at least spf 30 block constantly and as soon as it was my responsibility I would take the risk every now and then and catch a burn. I have burned pretty bad over the years. In my 20's I would go tanning with the girls before big weekends out or trips out of town. I would go and either choose a very low setting and stay in for a only 5 minutes (and still burn) OR put on the sunblock before going and try to keep up with there 20 minute visits. How dumb was that?: Of course the sunblock was never even, so now I was polka-dotted white and red. End of story! 

In the last 5 years, I have made it very clear I was not longer going to try to tan. I am pasty white and there isn't much I can do about it. The risks out weigh the rewards, the immediate danger of the sunburn wasn't enough to have learned my lesson in the past but as I have matured my thoughts run deeper than that. Sun damage ages you faster than if you apply a sunblock daily or wear a hat in the direct sunlight. Also, the big C!! I have someone very close to my heart who is battling skin cancer right now and I have had various friends my age have spots taken sliced off to prevent the possibility. IT IS SCARY ISH! 

In case you forget to apply or re-apply this summer I have put together some  pointers of how to cool a bad burn!

Step 1: Take asprin, tylenol or iburpofen to lessen the pain and in the case of ibuprofen - knock down inflammation!

Step 2:  Take cool shower and use a aloe-vera based cleanser.

Step 3: Apply a cold compress soaked in milk and ice cubes. This combo will draw out the heat's affect on the skin.

Step 4: Apply a lot of moisturizer with vitamins C & E

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