Matchbox 20 & Counting Crow 7/12

The show was phenomenal - I lived out ever minute of my teens/20's with them last night. The arena was packed! Very full and loud. Spokane was definitely excited to have them in our city! I tried my best to get some good video of the most popular songs to share with you.

My apologies for the wiggly camera. Your arm starts to go numb and shake when you hold it about your heart too long. :/ Plus, I had some very buzzed folks next to me so they added to the challenge! Enjoy!

Long December!

Long Day!


Back to good! 



Real World - Matchbox Twenty!

Hangin' around! Counting Crows! One of my favorite songs! I remember a Hoopfest way back played over and over and over through out the weekend. The song reminds me of Riverfront Park. I was young and thought of myself getting out of this town ..... #spokanedoesntsuck I love it here!

Mrs. Jones! The crowd went CRAZY!! 

My favorite song! 3am! 

I found out while they performed it that it was all about Rob Thomas's mom going through chemotherapy. I lost it and cried through the whole song. My mom is a breast cancer survivor of 11 years! Those memories are too real for my and I sobbed through the whole song! 

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