Creeper Alert: vacation rental owner who secretly recorded guests in bed

LONGBOAT KEY, Florida - Police have recovered pictures and videos from a vacation rental in Florida that had hidden cameras pointing directly at the bed. Authorities say the video files date all the way back to 2008 and now they are asking the public to help identify the victims who stayed in the condo.

The vacation rental was located on Longboat Key and it was an Indiana couple, staying at the rental last month that first noticed they were being watched by a hidden camera and microphone positioned in the smoke alarm above the bed. The man noticed a black dot on the smoke detector that he thought looked a little odd and sure enough, his instinct was right.

The owner of the condo, Wayne Natt, has been arrested and charged with video voyeurism.Natt lives in the home when it's not being rented out and told authorities the cameras are for his personal use and are not activated when guests are staying in his home. However, police say the cameras can be operated remotely and they recovered numerous video files, including one of the Indiana couple who sounded the alarm.

Police believe there could be any number of victims who were unknowingly recorded.The exact address of the rental is 623 Cedars Court, Longboat Key, Florida. Anyone who thinks they may have stayed there is asked to call police.

Airbnb officials who were alerted say they are outraged and that Natt has been banned from ever using the site again. 

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