FRIGHTENING: mutilated cats found on the North Side

Spokane Wa. -  The Spokane County Regional Animal Service, SCRAPS, says that someone is killing cats in our community. SCRAPS says they've found the bodies of four cats that have been mutilated and cut in half.

Officers have uncovered two front-ends, and two hind-ends, but say they're all from different cats.

The first one was orange and white with medium hair. It was found in a backyard in August, just south of Francis and west of Ash.

The in the last seven days, two more have been found nearby there. A short-haired tabby was found in an alley and an orange short-hair was found in a field.

A fourth cat, orange and white short-hair, was buried in a backyard about two miles away at Northwest Blvd. and Euclid.

While the vet isn't exactly sure, they say some of the cats were missing organs, muscles and bones.

So far SCRAPS says no one has come forward and they haven't found any microchips.

SCRAPS is clear: these cases are connected and they want anyone with information to come forward and call them at (509) 477-2532.

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