Angela's List of Really Cool Stuff 1/28

This would be so incredibly cool on my lake property. A girls gotta dream! 

I love large comfy sweatshirts and snarky comments on them. :)

I WANT ABS! I really really want nice abs. Hold my bacon, let's do this!

I have a wonderful camera but have had it for a few years now. I am ready to move up to something a bit more advanced. Someone have $1300 that I can have? 

Let's just keep it real, adulting is hard. I have been going at it for a while but I need to step it up. It's easy to stay in our comfort zone but I am about to break out! Maybe you can too! 

I want to binge watch Shamless from the beginning! I have seen every episode but I would love to start from the beginning without losing my productivity ^^^^^^!

I was married in Hawaii and haven't been back since. I could use some paradise in my life - like NOW!

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