KELLY CLARKSON & Seth Meyers - Day Drinking!

Drink ideas for the next time your day drinking! 

They are going to drink drinks based on her esteemed career.

Simon Cowell: Hot sauce, vodka, bitters, more hot sauce...and more hot sauce! "That will put hair on your chest in a v-neck" - Seth - LOL

About the Grammys: Brandy & 12 Worthers Originals! "You are a liar!" - Kelly -too funny "she's dead!" Seth.

Blake Shelton: Bourbon, Southern Comfort, Tennesse Whiskey & B-a-n-a-n-a-s! "Blow right in my face, Oh that's bad!" - Seth

The Voice: SUPRISE! It's French- (we never find out what it was)

They're drunk now, Cognitive Test that Trump took! I am drying laughing! 

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