Trending in April

This is my- from the bottom of my heart -attempt to guess the future. Being a mother of a 9 and 12 year old, most days I know my existence is embarrassing. dare I mention even having a child on air......but that is not what we are talking about here. I honestly try to stay on top of the latest trends, I may not participate but I am at least aware. I hoped in Doc's time machine to shoot a couple of weeks ahead to try to find out what will be hashtagged before May. 

PVC is back! 

Get ready for vinyl handbags, heals and even coats! I knew there was a reason I kept those clear heals from college! Although, Steve Madden has created a much more trendy pair than those of my Britney years! I am diggin' the bag -inside-a bag for the beach from ZARA!


I am kinda all over this! Being a strawberry blonde - this might be something that could work. I can't ever shake the red no matter how much bleach I use when going blonde-r. And I am much too pale for any shade of brown. Coloring my hair is always a challenge, so, for the most part, I don't do it. Rose gold hair is perfect for summer, I am in on this trend! 


Adaptogens Smoothies! 

I am late to the party, OH WAIT, ......I have come from the future to further promote this new health food craze! It's super herbs that you add to your morning smoothie. Shitake mushrooms, ginseng, and maca to name a few ,help to make you feel calmer, regulate hormones and boost energy!

I am not a doctor and don't know anything about any of this so - do your research. 

This video seems to explain it all! 


Adaptogenic Herb Smoothie recipe! (sign note: flip the phone lady! She has a ton of these videos!)


Water Bottles! 

I have to admit I am weak to this trend. Water is my favorite drink and I tend to lose, break my favorite one. Or it just goes missing (in the lost and found and by daughters' school). The big push now, to go glass! As the oceans are filling with plastic, companies and getting a better look at the eco-footprint. Kudos to Contigo, my favorite brand - I own a variety of them. Check out their latest glass sport design here. Interestingly GLACCE has created a water bottle that creates a crystal elixir! The product claims that the water will soak up the energy of the crystal. 


Social Media Detox!

Take a break from it all. Facebook's mistake, the new snapchat update, myfitnesspal data breach. Spring is here! It's a sign, the world is telling you to quit. Go enjoy our beautiful NW! 


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