May 20th Hunk of the Day

2/3 Story-time about these shots: I was in New York a while a go as you guys probably remember. I was there for work and had an amazing time with awesome people. Even tho i got really exhausted at the end, i always tried my best to create something special. Not only for the job, but for myself. Also when it gets too much sometimes haha. I just need that. So after finishing that job, i got confirmed for another one in Hong Kong. After that shooting day in that fucking cold ny beach (which is now one of my favorite job/photo btw) i woke up sick like never before. I could barley move and as i don't wanna talk too much about that, some of you know i were at the hospital etc. My last couple of days in NYC sucked, but i told my manager i want to try to make HK happening, even when the Doc told me to not take that 16H flight. (Thanks again for being there for me non stop!!! Also the people at the TriBeCa ,nyc hospital!!) I did it and it was amazing, the first day. Got the chance to experience a flight over HK and much more. But unfortunately my body system couldn't hold it for much longer lol. So the next day i woke up just as sick as before. I was so mad cuz i was there for such a short time, and wanted to get out and see more of that beautiful city... however i couldn't. I told myself that I still wanted to produce something while my stay in Hong Kong... With a really high fever I've had this idea of shooting something in this bathroom :D it was so nice and i had to take advantage of that. So we got the bath full of HOT water and our phone flash 's in position and out of this 'bad' situation, we created something really powerful and interesting. The only thoughts in my head were ''Kill me'' actually, which is the writing on my face, if you’re wondering. :) Sharing this to show you how difficult times can be behind all those “glamorous perfect” shots. You only see the final photo, remember that. And it can be even more difficult and dramatic for a lot of people in this industry and in any other. It’s all about how you deal with the situations you’re in, that you just can’t change. Passion for the win 💪🏽😊 #tonimahfud #tb #hongkong #passion

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