Woman Orders Delivery So Driver Can Kill a Spider For Her

woman orders delivery food to have driver kill a spider for her

Spiders are the worst, am I right? 

For Demi Sweeney, a college student in England, spiders are a literal nightmare and so terrifying, that when she was confronted by a one-inch arachnid on her wall, she decided to call a friend for help in killing it. 

But, when no one she knew was close by to help her out with the insecticide, her friend on the phone suggested she order food for delivery in hopes the driver might kill the offending insect, the Washington Post reports.

Sweeny decided it was worth a shot, and before ordering her meal from KFC, wrote to Deliveroo's customer service hoping she might be able to ask for an extra service. 

“Hello. (Sounds silly but this is a serious question). I have a huge phobia of spiders, there’s one in the corridor of our house near the door – if I order food through Deliveroo is it possible at all if the driver could get rid of it?” she wrote.

Deliveroo's customer service sympathized with Sweeny's predicament, but said the driver may not be much help if they were "more afraid of spiders than she is." 

"You can most certainly request this in the 'delivery note' section when placing your order," Deliveroo's customer service wrote (adding a spider emoji for extra emphasis). "The only thing is, our rider may be more afraid of spiders [sic] than you are..." 

Sweeny, a criminal justice major, told the Washington Post that she is so terrified of spiders, she regularly loses sleep just thinking about the creepy crawlies. 

Fortunately, when the delivery driver named Joe appeared at her door twenty minutes later with her order of KFC, she made the request, hoping she didn't sound crazy to the Deliveroo driver.

“I then begged telling him, ‘Please, you have to help me – I only ordered food for your help,’ ” Sweeney wrote in an email to The Post.

The nice guy that he is, Joe decided to help Sweeny out, climbing on a chair, and swatting at it, making it fall to the ground. The college coed said Joe managed to capture the spider and flush it down the toilet. 

“I can’t believe the plan actually worked,” Sweeney wrote. “I thanked him so many times, I literally could have hugged him. He’s a hero.”

Deliveroo released a statement on Joe's kind work saying “We can’t guarantee a spider catching service every time you order a Pad Thai or a Margherita, but in Demi’s case we’re glad the creepy crawly won’t be causing any more trouble!”

Hopefully Sweeny gave Joe a decent tip for his spider-killing efforts. 

Photo: Getty Images

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