Top 5 Hunted Places On Earth

1.)Isla de las Muecas

 Idla de las Muecas, also known as the Island of Dolls. The island in Mexico that is known for a collection of strange dolls, locals claim the dolls come alive at night and roam the village.

On a side note: Check out this video of creepy dolls.

2.) The Stanley Hotel

This hotel is so creepy it inspired Steven King's the Shining. Which is by far my favorite scary movie of all time. 

This is actually on my bucket list of to do's. 

3.) Poveglia Island in Italy

This place is such a no-no you actually have complete a large application to ask for the rights to visit the island. It was known to be a quarantine center for people who had the plague during the 1700's. Then later in the 1950's became an insane asylum. 

4.) Chibichiri Cave in Okinawa Japan

This is the home to the bones of Japanese children killed in wwii.

5.)  The Eastern State Penitentiary

Philadelphia Penn. this penitentiary opens in 1820. 

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