Angela's Weekend in Five Photos 12/3

Another busy weekend! Why again do we only get two days?

Picture 1: I chose to take a picture of my yummy egg nog latte because isn't coffee the best?!?! I mean, most are addicted but there times when you are just filled with happiness when you have a great cup of joe? Right?  In this instance, it was a must to track down a coffee shop before my daughter's basketball game in a very fridge gym. It's probably great for the girls that they don't turn up the heat too much since they are running around but for us parents sitting on the metal bleachers, it can be brutal. 

Picture 2: I chose to share this because this is truly one of my favorite things in life! Both of my daughters play basketball, filling up my life with practices and games. I love watching them play and supporting them from the sidelines. I am pretty proud of my little ladies. 

Picture 3: Sometimes, it's the little surprises that make your day. A friend of mine, which happens to my real estate agent surprised my family with some goodies. You know I have never had a poinsettia? I hope I can keep it alive!  

Picture 4: I chose this photo out of pure comedy. I know I am not alone, having many hand-me-down Christmas decorations that we aren't that proud to show off. In this photo, you will see an armless, wooden top man, a ceramic Santa with a hot glued arm, and a crazy looking plastic elf, which my nine-year-old commented " the white isn't hair, it's a hat, or maybe a mullet, why does he still live with us Mommy?" haha :) This has started a major purge of Christmas items! I belong to a facebook group called the buy nothing group. It is a location-based group and focusing giving and receiving. My purge started with Christmas stuff, the gifting continued all weekend; household decor, housewares, children's toys and much more. It feels so good to give.

Picture 5: Since I cleaned out so much stuff this weekend I was motivated to decorate my home. This is the partially decorated tree (which I was gifted from my Buy Nothing group this weekend) and our favorite holiday movie - National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. I ended the evening with a hot buttered rum and cuddles with my family. Even though my weekend felt short it was full of love, productivity, and giving. 

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