Holiday hacks to make your day easier!!

Stale Chrismas Cookies

They're often almost too cute to eat! Someone spent hours decorating them, making them the perfect treat! But you actually wanna save them and if you're not careful you'll end up with a colorful paperweight. Chomping into a stale cookie could end in tooth pain as well as an unsatisfied sugar cookie craving! If you want to revive a stale cookie, simply place the cookie with a slice of bread in a ziplock overnight. By morning, you should be able to gobble down with your morning coffee.

How to light your Christmas tree!

In my 30+ years of life, I have been doing it all wrong. My mind is blown with this new (to me) technique! Wrapping the lights around the tree is the hardest way plus it doesn't allow you the freedom of putting the lights where you want them. Hopefully, I will remember this next year because there is no way I am going to re-decorate my tree. 

Best time to book flights.

No staycation this year? Adding a flight to your holiday budgets could put a dent into your holiday shopping, but if you knew when you could save, would you? They say....The best time to book holiday flights is between December 4-10th.

Stuck in the snow.

Living in the northwest has its perks! The small town where you feel like you can go anywhere and run into someone you know but the big city at the same time with access to the arts, theater, and concerts. Many beautiful parks and pools to quickly escape the busy life and access to many beautiful lakes, rivers and hiking trails. Once winter arrives, you rarely venture out because of the cold and snow. The biggest adventures are trips to work after a night of fresh snow. Although, it beautiful and during the holidays, festive but the rest of the time a pain in the ass. Leaving the house could mean battling slippery conditions, inexperience winter whether drivers and sometimes the inevitable - getting stuck. Holiday hack - bring Kitty Litter with your on all of your holiday adventures! Through it under those spinning tires and it will suck up the moisture and create traction. 


This is worth the hashtag as she has some great ideas here! How to store your holiday wrapping. Putting cinnamon rolls in a waffle maker for a creative twist. Want the easist way to not have to decorate your tree next to wrap small or strange shaped items and much much more!

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