True Life: I have a life coach -2

I am a work in progress. I have recently started a journey into self improvement with Bill Tierney Coaching!

I really thought this was going to be a lot different. I thought we would sit down over a cup of coffee and map out goals like you do in college and then map out steps on how to approve each step. I thought we would review these goals each week and focus on the logical steps of how to get where I want to be. On the most basic level, we are doing this but it's really much deeper. In our meetings, I am being challenged by my thoughts, sometimes I feel quite a bit vulnerable. To help you understand what I am really using to change my future this of this;

CIRCUMSTANCES, perceived through the lens of BELIEFS attract THOUGHTS which activate FEELING motivating ACTIONS that produce RESULTS.

Bam, there it is. It make so much sense. And with this, I am believing anything is possible.

Deciding to change is kinda cool. I have decided to put more effort into being who I want to be and who I really am. It's almost like I went on auto pilot trying to just survive but that was wack. I wasn't happy about where my mind was allowing myself to fall. I became lazy and that allowed doubt, false narratives and fear change my decisions. I am better than that. I've put together some goals to get where I want to be and I am just focusing daily on how to be "better". I am focusing on the lens in which I view my world, the thoughts I have and the story I tell myself. I am watching how my body reacts to my thinking. It's pretty profound. I am changing my eating & drinking habits, working out more, being more patient as a mother, making an effort to be more engaged with the many aspects of my life and looking to grow and become more me. I have decided I don't care what other think of me. I have decided that I will win. I will come out better and I can't wait for you to notice...not that I care if you do but more that maybe it will motivate you to do the same. We only have one life - why sit back and just let meritocracy be your story? Bill Tierney Life Coaching

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