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Shock Collar Question - May 25

Barbie and Ken

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There’s a only a select few Competition Shows…that have TRULY taken the world by storm.

American Idol, captured our hearts back in the early 2000s… 

A few years later… we were mesmerized by Howie Mandel & his giant bald head… for "Deal or No Deal”

Even the show, "Best Funeral Ever” on TLC… had it's moment in the spotlight

But fast forward to today and… Sadly, there’s not really ANY competition show that everybody loves…. Even the Shock Collar Question… can’t compete with big names like Mandel, Seacrest or Dunkelman…

So please… TRY not to be discouraged, by the fact that almost NOBODY ALIVE knows or remotely cares about who any of you are or what you say….  during another FORGETTABLE edition... of the One and Done Shock

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