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Shock Collar Question - December 6

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Before the show started this morning... we had a little discussion with Alexis... and asked her: "WHAT REALLY OLD CHRISTMAS MOVIES HAVE YOU ACTUALLY SEEN?”

At first, she hesitated & asked…. if she could go and GOOGLE old Christmas films… so she could remember the names….

But then FINALLY she blurted out…. Jingle all the Way (with Arnold Schwarzenegger)… and Home Alone...

Yes, to ALEXIS…. those are considered REALLY OLD CHRISTMAS CLASSICS… Which is pretty amazing…

Like for Brooke…. Her reference for an Old OLD actor would be Charlie Chaplin… for Alexis, it’s Macauley Caulkin... 

Thats why the theme of today’s trivia is… famous BLACK & WHITE Christmas Films…. In another holiday edition of “3 and a half Seconds with Alexis” 

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