Birthday/Father's Day Weekend

My Birthday Saturday! Father's Day Sunday! 

First Kane got invited to his first every friend's birthday party. His friend Joey and I apparently share a birthday   . Kane has Autism so some of the group activities were a bit tougher for him. He instead spent most of his time enthralled with balloons and (his favorite) the swing haha.

Afterwards, we had a bunch of friends over for badminton, beer pong, and a night by the fire with friends. I dominated in pong? Not so much   . We also picked up some glow in the dark badminton birdies like this. HIGHLY recommend. Kept the fun going well into the night.

Next up, Father's Day! Spent the morning hanging out with my Dad and Kane before heading out for a Spokane Indians doubleheader. It was "Luke, I Am Your Father's Day" night so Star Wars characters were all over the stadium and the players wore awesome custom jersey's with the Millennium Falcon on the back and Han Solo on the front. Unfortunately, Kane only lasted 30 minutes or so before he ran out of frozen lemonade and was disinterested haha. But he and mom headed home while my family and I watched the Indians split the double header with an impressive show of offense during the second game.

All in all one of the best weekends I've had in awhile   Hope everyone had a Happy Father's Day!

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