First Pitch With Roger Clemens!

I got the incredible privileged of throwing out the first pitch at the Spokane Indians Bark in the Park night. For me, the little baseball nerd from Shelton, this was honestly enough. I was on cloud 9!

That was until I found out who I would be sharing the mound with. None other than 7-time Cy Young award winner Roger "Rocket" Clemens! Arguably the best pitcher of all time   

Full disclosure we didn't actually pitch back to back. They introduced the lineups in between giving the crowd plenty of time to forget my 2-Seamer way outside. But we did meet for a brief moment and he even signed the ball that I threw!

Absolutely unforgettable for a kid who's been throwing a baseball around since he was two. It didn't hurt that it was a beautiful night albeit a tad warm 💯.

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