Amazon Go: The Store of the Future

Amazon opened up it's brand new "Store of the future," Amazon Go today in downtown Seattle.

Amazon Go seems very much like other supermarkets you might walk into featuring food and drinks including those from Whole Foods which Amazon owns. However, unlike a typical store there are no cashiers or shopping carts. If a customer wants an item they simply pick it up and put it in their bag or pocket and the item is immediately added to their online Amazon cart. If the customer puts it back it is removed from their cart.

When you're finally ready to leave you'll notice one more difference to a typical supermarket, no lines. As you walk out the turnstiles near the front alert Amazon you have left and you are charged for the items you picked up.

Obviously, all the technology behind how it works is completely secretive and Amazon has been hush about whether they intend to build more or perhaps even sell the technology to a bigger, already established retailer.

While it certainly is cool and futuristic it obviously leaves me wondering what happens to all those that count on being a cashier for a living?

- CJ

(Source: New York Times)

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