Guy emails every "Claudia" on campus after accidentally swiping left

You're swiping through Tinder, getting into a groove, and then you accidentally swipe left on someone you actually liked. It's a mistake that happens all the time and most people are content to just move on with an "ah, man."

Not the story for Missouri State University freshman Hayden Moll who said his heart sank when he realized his mistake. The app afterwards would only allow Hayden to view two pieces of info: The girls name and her school she was attending - Missouri State.

With that Hayden decided to go the extra mile. He searched the school's website for every Claudia on campus and sent them the following email.

And in the end his persistence paid off as he found the one that got away Claudia Alley who responded. The two have a date planned for later this week.

(Source: KREM)

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