CDA School District Bans Cell Phones

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The cell phone policy is changing for Coeur d'Alene Public Schools. Students will no longer be allowed to use their cell phone in the classroom except in case of an emergency. Coeur d'Alene Public Schools authorities want to be clear, they understand some parents might be uneasy about their child not having access to their cell phone at all times. Students will be allowed to bring their cell phone into the classroom but they have to be powered off and put away "off their person." For example, students can keep their cell phones in a backpack or purse but they cannot keep them in their pocket or on their desk. For months the school district has been debating what appropriate cell phone usage looks like in the learning environment. After weighing all the pros and cons and listening to feedback from parents and staff members, the decision has been made. Cd'A Schools District is officially banning cell phone usage in the classroom only. Cellphone usage will be allowed before school, during lunch and after school only. The new policy is also allowing individuals principals to determine when students can use their phones during lunch.

The decision came Monday night at the monthly Cd'A School Board of Trustees Meeting.