NHL Seattle Ticket Drive Starts March 1st

Seattle is taking the next huge step to becoming the 32nd city to host a franchise!

Just last week the Oak View Group (OVG) ownership group officially submitted their application, and yesterday announced a planned season ticket drive to start March 1st. Those interested in purchasing season tickets will need to make a deposit of $500 for regular tickets and $1,000 for club seats at NHLSeattle.com.

Assuming the ticket drive goes accordingly and accrues at least 10,000 deposits Seattle will likely be granted the 32nd franchise in the league shortly after and begin playing at a newly remodeled Key Arena in 2020.

As for what the team might be called there have already been 13 domains registered:

Seattle Cougars

Seattle Eagles

Seattle Emeralds

Seattle Evergreens

Seattle Firebirds

Seattle Kraken

Seattle Rainiers

Seattle Renegades

Seattle Sea Lions

Seattle Seals

Seattle Sockeyes

Seattle Totems

Seattle Whales

I for one am all for Sockeyes, Totems, and kind of falling in love with Kraken.

- CJ

(Source: King 5)

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