Your Instant Pot Can Make Wine!

The Instant Pot is amazing. The chance to cook things that would take all day in a couple hours or less, the set it and forget it ability has quickly made it a go-to appliance in my house.

And now it gets better! It can make wine!

Thanks to food blogger David Murphy who drew inspiration from a meme asking, "Why hasn't someone figured out how to put grapes in the crockpot and have it turn into wine?" we now have, essentially, crockpot wine in a fourth of the time.

Unfortunately it takes a bit longer than most things using the Instant Pot, 48 hours to be exact, but at the end you're left with something wine-ish...

What’s left is a wine that tastes a bit like a Merlot, in Murphy’s view. “The grapes in the juice became alive and transformed into something more palatable,” Murphy explained to MUNCHIES. “You can smell dark cherries and raw chocolate on the nose, and you can taste more complex flavors than what you started with.”

Murphy hopes that his efforts will kickstart a small revolution within other home cooks who may be find the urge, just as he had, to make their own wine. He admits it’s not the best wine you can hypothetically buy; it’s more of “an extremely pleasant table wine” that he reckons may cost in the ballpark of eight to 12 dollars.

If you've got the time and are willing to put forth the effort to see what kind of Instant Pot wine you can make David's recipe can be found on his blog FoodnService.


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