8-Year-Old's Art Raising Money For 4-Year-Old In The Hospital

My 4-year old cousin Levi Kimberling continues to battle for his life in PICU at Sacred Heart. While there has been some progress during the month plus he's been in the hospital he is by no means out of the woods yet and has officially set the record for the most days on an ECMO machine at Sacred Heart.

I'm each day following along with bated breath to his parents story on their Facebook and GoFundMe pages, and found it really inspiring when I read about Paisley Lipko and her effort to raise money for little Levi using her own painted works of art.

The Paisley Project actually started 5 years ago when Paisley and her mom began selling paintings to help families in need like the Kimberlings. 

“I knew eventually I was going to teach my kids what it would feel like to give something to somebody without any thanks,” said Paisley’s mother, Treasure Dragseth. “I didn't know how to stop once we got started, it felt good.”

The first family they helped was living in their car during Thanksgiving, and they raised enough through selling Paisley's paintings to buy the family an entire freezer full of food for the holiday.

Dragseth doesn’t know Levi or his family but says any parent has a soft spot for what they are going through.

“It's been an emotional one,” said Dragseth. “I don't know Levi or his family but I have small kids too and I can put myself in their shoes and this is one of the more touching projects we've done.”

I have a 4-year old myself who came down with the flu shortly after Levi and sent me into a whirlwind of panic attacks, and I still can't even imagine the kind of tidal wave of stress and emotion this has all been.

So far Paisley has been able to raise $1,500 for Levi and his family, and when asked what she would say if she were able to finally meet Levi she said, "I’m super glad that I can help you and that I’m sorry that you got very sick.”

If you would like to contribute to Levi's Fight and follow along with his story you can find his Facebook here and GoFundMe here.

More information about The Paisley Project can be found here.

I'd also like to say a quick Thank You! to Paisley and her mom. You and what you're doing are truly amazing   

(Story & Image Source: KHQ.com)

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