FAIL: Gender Reveal Party Starts $8M Wildfire

Gender reveal parties have really taken off lately. Personally, I'm not big into the idea. I did do a small photo shoot for my son with blue and pink balloons, but didn't feel the need to invite the family and neighborhood.

That being said, if you want to host one more power to you just maybe don't use explosives. That's the mistake Dennis Dickey of Arizona made when he decided to shoot an explosive target that would reveal in blue or pink powder the gender of his upcoming child. Dennis, also, decided to do this in the Arizona dessert nestled in dry grass and shrubs. The result was the Sawmill fire that claimed 45,000 acres in 2017 and caused an estimated $8 million in damages.

Dennis has since plead guilty and is charged with repaying the $8 million in installments. 

Perhaps next time a cake? A piñata?

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