Someone Has Been Putting Cowboy Hats On Pigeons

Someone inexplicably has been fixing tiny cowboy hats to pigeons in Las Vegas. This video appeared online this week.

While admittedly adorable upon first look some are worried about the well-being of the pigeons and how exactly the people responsible are attaching the hats to the heads of the birds.

Lofty Hopes, a local pigeon charity (yes, you read that correctly. A Las Vegas pigeon charity.), is currently trying to bottom of the situation. The founder Mariah Hill told KVUU, "At first, I was like, oh my god that's cute! Then, I was like, wait a minute – how did they get those hats on there?"

She has pledged to do her level best to track down, catch, and remove the hats as humanely as possible.

(Too Fab)

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