You Can Pick Out Your Christmas Tree Now At Greenbluff Tree Farm

Getty Images

Dietz Farm in Greenbluff is opening early. Due to uncertainty around the coronavirus, the farm is offering families the opportunity to pick out their Christmas Tree even before Halloween arrives.

Obviously, you won't be bringing it home just yet, but Jim Dietz, the owner of the farm, says a typical weekend during peak season can bring upwards of 800 people to the farm. So in order to help with social distancing and if it would make you feel safer they hope give people the opportunity to come out while it's less crowded. You'll be able to pick your Christmas tree, tag it, and as we near the holiday season they will call you when it's cut, wrapped, and ready to be picked up.

Maybe a nice add-on activity while you're picking out pumpkins on Greenbluff.

For an appointment just call or text Jim himself at 509-342-1425 prior to Thanksgiving.


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