Things Get Heated At Spokane Supermarket, Goes Viral

A video at a local Yokes shows an ugly confrontation between an employee and an unmasked man.

In the video which has gone viral, the unmasked man said he has a medical condition that prevents him from wearing a mask. A person is shown grabbing the unmasked man's phone and throwing it to the ground. As the situation escalates in the parking lot, the employee throws an object at the man, hitting him in the head.

The incident took place at the Yokes on North Foothills Drive. The grocery chain has released the following statement:

"We have been made aware of the event that took place yesterday evening at our North Foothills location. It is important to us that we create a safe place for our guests and our associates. We are in the process of collecting information and speaking with those involved so we can understand exactly what happened before we take appropriate action. Thank you."

The Washington State Department of Health says people should not ask a person why they are not wearing a mask due to them possibly having a medical condition. A person does not legally have to disclose their medical condition. 

Face masks are required to be worn in Washington state in all indoor public places, and also outdoor areas where social distancing isn't possible. 

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